Thursday, April 4, 2013

Price Matching - Save $ on your Grocery Bill!

Ever seen that person in front of you checking out at the grocery store with 15 ads in hand and showing the cashier the Ad for each item in her cart? Yes, that was probably me! Price Matching REALLY saves our family money on the grocery bills each week, plus it saves me on trips to multiple groceries stores for their sale items.

For now, Wal-mart is the easiest place to do price-matching, so that is where I do my grocery shopping.

Here's how to save.

Check out your local grocery store circulars. For the Kansas City Area, this Site is the best and is updated weekly with the new ads. New ads in my area come out on Wednesdays.

I am going to use this weeks Price Chopper    Aldis    Sunfresh  Hyvee    ads as an example.

Brand/Item                                 Qty       Price       Size                Ad/Page

Bananas                                                    .29          per/lb             Aldis/Pg1
Naval Oranges                            1           $ 1.48     4/lb bag          Aldis/Pg1
Red Grapes                                              .99          per/lb              Aldis/Pg1
Red Delicious Apples                              .98          per/lb              Hyvee/Pg2
Fresh Green Peppers                   3          .59           each                Hyvee/Pg7
Dole Classic Salads                     2         $1.50        each               Hyvee/Last Page

Best Choice Shredded Cheese    4           .99          6-8 oz            PriceChopper/Pg1
Imperial Spread (butter)              4           .69          16 oz             Sunfresh/Pg3  
Large Eggs                                 1           .99          1 Doz            Sunfresh/Pg4

Pork Butt Roast                           1          .98          per/lb              Sunfresh/Pg1

Canned/Packaged Goods
Pasta Ragu Sauce                        4         $ 1.29      16-24 oz         Sunfresh/Pg1
Kraft Dressing                             2         $ 1.50      14-16 oz         Sunfresh/Pg3
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce      2          .88           18 oz               Hyvee/Pg9
Skippy Peanut Butter                  1         2.58          16.3 oz           Hyvee/Pg11

C&H Sugar                                 1        $2.38          4 lb bag          Hyvee/Pg11

Cleaning Supplies
Purex Laundry Detergent           4        $3.99         150 oz            Hyvee/3daysale April 4-6

Best Choice Aluminum Foil       2          .99           25 ft               Sunfresh/Pg3

A few things to consider when Price Matching

  • Warn your Checkout Cashier and anyone foolish enough to stand in line behind you ;) 
  • Separate your cart by price matched items, and non price matched items. I place my non-price matched items up first, then what I am price matching. Other wise you will be trying to remember what and what isn't on that list of yours! 
  • Use the formatting above for your grocery list - Doing it this way will help while shopping and checking out! You, the cashier, and the people behind you will be glad that you did! (I used to have them listed by ad, and would have to come back to parts of the store multiple times because I missed something on my list the first time around)
  • I've noticed when I have this sheet printed out with all of the info, the Cashiers do not ask for the Ads. This will cut down your checkout time a lot! 
  • Do your research! It pays! 

This is actually my list for this week, so feel free to try it!! Make sure to come back and let me know how it goes! 

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