Article Submission Guidelines

Please feel free to submit articles and projects that you feel would be of interest to our wonderful Readers {that have not been published online and that were entirely created by you}

This list is not exclusive {Just a thought provoker}

Seasonal: Due April 2013

Spring Fling - Spring Party Creations
Spring Handcrafted Items
Best of: Kansas City in the Summer
Tax Season - What can you claim?
Off the Beaten Path: KC Parks, trails, and camping sites
KC Kids: Top 5 Birthday Spots
Fourth of July Celebration - DIY Decor


Home Decor
DIY projects
Monthly Kansas City Event Calendar
Projects to make with your Kiddos
Volunteer Opportunities 

Please submit all article/project submissions to for review. If your article is accepted for inclusion you will be notified via email. Recipet confirmations will not be provided. Compensation is not paid for articles. Submissions are submitted with the understanding that {if selected} they will be posted on one of the ThriftSavvyMoms sites and linked back to your blog.

Articles are provided to ThriftSavvyMoms for possible inclusion into this blog, or a Sister Blog. 
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Please submit all articles in their entirety as they should be posted. This should include any Download files, photos, and the Article. Please provide a watermark on all photos submitted.

ThriftSavvyMoms has sole discretion in selecting appropriate articles for each site. Articles and projects may have been previously submitted to other publications and or blogs, including your own. By submitting an article or project for publication, you are giving ThriftSavvyMoms discretion to use any portion of the article or project for promotions and Marketing. Your Blog or Website will be included in all posts with your article or project. 

If your article is not selected, you will be notified as soon as possible.

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