Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Custom Made Onsies for less than 2.00 each!

These adorable Tie Onsies cost Approx $1.50 each to make! 

How'd I do it? 

The Dollar Store sells Onsies in White, Pink and Blue for $1.00 plus Tax!

Or Amazon has them 5 for 11.99 as shown above! 

I used Avery T-Shirt Transfers

 Amazon has them for 14.99!

You are going to need: 

Avery T-Shirt Transfer
Tie Template
Pattern Printable

Print your pattern onto your T-shirt Transfer

Print your Tie Pattern and cut out 

Trace tie pattern onto your T-Shirt Transfer and cut out

Iron your onsie for a wrinkle free surface on cotton heat setting

Leave a little extra room at the neck line to make sure it tucks underneath the neck seam as shown here

There is no going back once you start ironing!

Once you have Tie in place, place a clean cloth (I used Dish Towels) over the transfer and iron evenly

Let cool before removing backing. 

Once you have peeled off backing do not put your iron on the transfer again. If some edges didn't adhere completely, place the onsie inside out in your dryer on low heat to secure in place

For the buttons I used a small circle punch - If you don't have one, use a button the size you want, trace and hand cut from your T-shirt Transfer

Use a Sharpee Marker to draw the Button Holes

When Ironing on the buttons, place a peice of cardboard in between the onsie. This will keep the Iron from re-heating the Tie and you will be so glad you did!! 

I hope you liked this quick, easy and inexpensive project! I'd love to hear if you make one!

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